Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Council Meeting Agenda

Peabody Vance Neighbors Association

Agenda: May 11, 2011

Welcome and Thanks
From Sharon L. Coleman (Neighborhood Leader)

Discussion Items

  • Working with Memphis Police Department: Col. Bullard
    Organize Crime Unit: Detective Gray
    District Attorney Office: Attorney Paul Hagerman - Public Nuisance
    Deidre Baker: Environmental Officer
    Beth Flanagan: Bio Works Medical District
    Attorney Steve Barlow: Blight
    City of Memphis: Street Maintenance
    • Dealing with apartments and business owners who allow illegal activities on their property
    • Enforcing "No Loitering" Signs and "No Trespassing" Signs in our Neighborhood
    • 945 Peabody, 947 Peabody and 972 Peabody: Trouble Areas (Public Nuisance)

  • Working with Code Enforcement - Environmental Officer: Ms. Deidre Baker
    • Overgrown grass and trash on vacant properties and abandoned property, causing rats and rodents
    • 320 South Dudley and 976 Linden: Vacant properties overgrown grass and trash
    • Vacant properties demolition
    • Illegal Activities and Code Enforcement Issues Apartments

  • New Businesses and Ideas to Improve Our Neighborhood
    • Report Vacant Lots
    • Report Vacant Houses
    • Report Vacant Buildings

  • Existing Property Owners Maintaining The Appearance of Their Property
    • Cutting of Grass
    • Cleaning of Property from Trash and Furniture
    • Proper Lighting
    • "No Loitering" Signs and "No Trespassing" Signs.

    Special Thanks and Dismiss
    Pastor Derrick Davis of the Tabernacle Church and Gavin Anderson (our website designer)

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